A jewel in the crown in the South East, Eastbourne continues to draw in tourists and new residents, young and old. Part of the reason is down to Eastbourne’s spectacular stretch of shingle beaches. Seafront attractions sprawl down the promenade from popular eateries and hotels as well as top visit spots such as Eastbourne Pier and Sovereign Harbour Marina. With iconic sights like the UK’s tallest chalk cliff, Beachy Head, not far from the town, there are plenty of reasons to visit Eastbourne. As for reasons to make Eastbourne a top place to call home, this guide goes into details about why Eastbourne is becoming more popular than ever.

From a historic resort to an expanding town

Those local to the area will see Eastbourne as somewhere to end up kicking your feet up post retirement age. Most historic seaside resorts end up stamped with this reputation. However, in Eastbourne’s case, a growth in popularity with younger visitors and residents has been bostlering the younger population demographic. With a bustling young population growing year by year in the heart of the town, Eastbourne has an attractive lure for younger homeowners as much as those wishing to make the town their home later in life.

An influx of graduates choosing to make Eastbourne their home has injected an increase of new talent, driving interest from investors and new businesses looking to pick a commuter town to set up shop. With millions of pounds being injected into the local economy, especially the town centre, Eastbourne is rapidly becoming a top location for families to call their home. The added benefit of being classed as a commuter town further draws in increased interest in potential buyers.

Top Attractions in Eastbourne

A stunning beachside town in its own right, Eastbourne has a host of attractions for the family to enjoy. As a Victorian seaside beach resort, there are many ways to soak up the authentic experience along the beachfront. From grabbing traditional fare like a good fish n chips at Harry Ramsden’s while enjoying views of the pier to having afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel, it’s easy to find a quintessential English experience. But Eastbourne is more than its beaches and history. Here are some of the top attractions that Eastbourne has to offer.

Eastbourne Pier

The postcard landmark, the pier, began in 1866 when construction first started off the shoreside between Grand Parade and Marine Parade. Housing its handsome Victorian pavilion, the pier now is home to a number of attractions for tourists and residents to enjoy. Boasting uninterrupted views of the sea and the parades of hotels that adorn the seafront, the pier is a top location to explore and take plenty of snaps. With an arcade and two top seaside bars, it’s worth wandering down the 300 metres of walkway to explore out to sea.

Beachy Head

Situated at a five mile walk from Eastbourne are the stunning, pure white chalk cliffs of Beachy head. Characterised by its iconic red-and-white striped lighthouse, Beachy Head is a top spot for hikers and nature-lovers alike. With walks that take you through the South Downs National Park, you can fully explore the rolling hills of the countryside just off your doorstep.

Eastbourne Beach

Ever popular in the summer, Eastbourne beach promises plenty of opportunities for activities for the family. Whether just a visit to the seaside or to enjoy the range of watrsports available, there is plenty to do across the three mile stretch of shingle beach. There are a host of hotels, cafes and coffee shops all within a stone’s throw.

Holywell Beach

Picturesque and full of wildlife, Holywell always promises to be a good day out. With fantastic rock pools and stunning views, the beach is a quieter alternative to the bustle of the town. There are a few quaint spots to grab a bite as well as walks around the area to get the most out of the beautiful scenery.

Sovereign Harbour Marina

One of the best ways to see Eastbourne is by the sea itself. At Sovereign Harbour Marina, there are boat trips which can be a more languid, relaxing event or an adrenaline fuelled trip on an inflatable towed from a speedboat. The harbour is also home to a selection of bars, shops and restaurants, making it also a top destination during the evening as well as during the day.

Eastbourne Redoubt

One for the history buffs is the historic sea fort at Eastbourne Redoubt. Built to withstand the French navies, the coastal forts boast plenty of seafaring history as well as a museum that’s worth the visit. The forts aren’t the only historical landmarks that represent Eastbourne’s naval past. The Wish Tower landmark is a surviving defence tower built as a defence against Napoleon’s navies.

City connections to London and beyond

Eastbourne’s cost of living generally makes the town a more attractive location for families to choose over London where housing prices and living prices are much higher. With the commuter belt widening, Eastbourne considers itself within commuter reach of the capital. Though public travel expenses are pricey and the commute time is inconvenient, having London just 90 minutes away can be a perfect balance especially if you’re in the position to work remotely. Having the seaside on your doorstep is a major perk, even if you’re hybrid working.

Education & Healthcare

When choosing a town to relocate, house price and amenities factor highly when making the decision. For couples searching for a place to start their family, Eastbourne promises strong education foundations and a supportive healthcare system. With plenty of schools servicing the town, finding a good school for your children is not a challenge. Eastbourne doesn’t have its own university but the University of Brighton has a campus for Health and Sport courses and degrees. With Eastbourne’s strong public transport links, access to Sussex’s greater offering of higher education is just on the doorstep.

Health services in Eastbourne are reliable, providing support for all members of the family. Eastbourne District General Hospital has a 24-hour emergency department, supported by a plethora of GP practices throughout the town. Eastbourne also has plenty of gyms and fitness studios, including specific sport clubs – even an MMA studio. Keeping fit and healthy is far from a challenge when living in Eastbourne.

Housing in Eastbourne

Naturally, you can expect house prices to be on the higher end. Eastbourne’s location – both on the coast and within reach of London – has made the property market competitive. At Town Property, we have had a foothold in the real estate business in Eastbourne for over thirty years. House prices rose sharply in the run up to 2019 where they have since levelled off at an average of £326K according to plumpot.

Considering Eastbourne’s links to London, the affordability of housing makes the town all the more attractive for house buyers. The cost of living in Eastbourne is comparatively cheaper compared to larger cities and other seaside towns.

Eastbourne’s rental market continues to thrive as rental demand stays steady. With rents more affordable than in the cities, renting property is an attractive option for younger residents to make the move to the town. Average rental prices according to home.co.uk are £1,350, compared against an average of £1,952 in Brighton.

Top locations for new buyers

Interested in looking into Eastbourne as a potential place to move?. Here are some locations that are definitely worth looking into and exploring further.

Hampden Park

A residential area in the north of the town, Hampden Park offers more affordable options for new buyers. With its own train station, Hampden Park is well connected.


Situated at the west of Eastbourne’s centre, this is where you’ll find the university campus for the University of Brighton. A beautiful residential area with access to the seafront, property in Meads sits at the higher end of the market.

Old Town

The historic town centre still draws interest for buyers with plenty of housing available in the heart of the town.


Property in Lower Willingdon is particularly sought after. On the northern edge of the town, life is quieter and calmer with excellent views.

Sovereign Harbour

One of the more recent developments in Eastbourne, Sovereign Harbour has a few residential opportunities on the harbourfront. The area is particularly popular among those looing for buy-to-let opportunities for holiday lettings.

Is Eastbourne a safe place to live?

Eastbourne retains its seaside town charm and, as a result, crime rates are low compared to larger towns and cities. Eastbourne was ranked the safest major town in East Sussex according to crimerate.co.uk. However, as is the case throughout the UK, incidents have risen in recent years.

Find out about property opportunities in Eastbourne

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