Living in London is not cheap, a universal fact that isn’t just knowledge to those who live and work in the capital. London salaries are a great lure for many, not just for young graduates looking to start their careers in where job opportunities are the most abundant. Yet the cost of living reflects the higher average income in the area, leaving not much in the way of disposable income. As a result, the commuter belt around London has been widening as more people are choosing to compromise and increase their commute time in exchange for a more affordable home.

East Sussex is home to some of the quickest growing commuter towns. Eastbourne is among them. Offering great incentives for those looking to improve their work/life balance, Eastbourne has quickly become a popular choice for those looking to relocate from the capital to a smaller, quieter town. Not to mention its top location on the coast making it an attractive place to call home.

What is the commute from Eastbourne to London like?

Eastbourne is a 90 minute train ride away from London. With a direct line straight to London Victoria, commuting via public transport is the most convenient and the most economical. It is, however, not cheap. The annual fare for the commute will set you back around £5680 a year according to Southern Railway’s website with the day fare costing you roughly £21 on average. That doesn’t factor in travel while in London to get from Victoria to your place of work. It’s an expense that you can’t avoid but it is a very easy commute with just the one train without any changes.

Driving to London from Eastbourne is less straightforward and also takes longer. Most commuters want to avoid having to drive in London and avoid the traffic as much as possible.

What are house prices like in Eastbourne?

As you can well expect, house prices are much cheaper in Eastbourne than in London. According to Rightmove, the average property price in Eastbourne is almost half that which you can expect in London. Despite this, Eastbourne is ranked as one of the more expensive towns to buy property when compared across the UK. As a seaside town within reach of London, this isn’t surprising. What may be surprising is how property in Eastbourne is actually more affordable than many towns in East Sussex, including Brighton.

First-buyers have plenty of opportunity to get more for their money in Eastbourne. On average, property prices were £330,111 over the last year according to Rightmove. For a more precise picture, terraced properties had an average of £325,291 while detached properties sold for an average of £507,483. Gov.UK’s figures place London’s average house price at £534,265, more than Eastbourne’s average detached property price.

How much cheaper is it to rent in Eastbourne than it is in London?

London’s rental costs put off many from calling the capital home and instead, they choose to commute from further afield where rent is cheaper. According to, the average cost of a one bedroom rental in London is £2,799 per calendar month. At Town Property, we currently have one bedroom flats available to rent for as affordable rates as £770 per calendar month in top locations within the town centre at Eastbourne.

Using‘s statistics on Eastbourne, the average rental cost for all property types currently listed is £1,349. For London, it is a huge £4,662 per month.

Is the commute worth it?

The 90 minute commute is a fair price to pay when looking at the benefits of choosing to live in Eastbourne over stomaching the high costs of living in London. The cost of travel alone is more than made up for with the savings that can be made through spending far less on rent. With the way many businesses now operate changing since the lockdown, hybrid working is on the rise with a huge portion of people splitting their work between remotely working from home and venturing into the office. However, it isn’t just the financial benefits that make Eastbourne a top choice as a commuter town. The seaside town has much to offer for residents of all ages.

Historically, Eastbourne grew in popularity as a seaside resort during the Victorian period. Many would leave the cities to flock to the beaches, enjoying the sea and the attractions along the parade. Eastbourne’s popularity hasn’t waned, seeing as many as over five million visitors per year. Tourism continues to be a huge boost to the local economy. Residents can enjoy these attractions right on their doorstep. There isn’t a lack of things to do in the town with theatres, cinemas, restaurants and shopping centres all generating interest. Natural attractions close by are worth visiting, such as the famous Beachy Head and picturesque beaches like Holywell beach all within walking distance.

Many young families are making the move to Eastbourne to make the most of the affordable living and housing opportunities available. Since the pandemic, Eastbourne has seen huge growth in both population and economy as more and more seek to make the town their home while working in London.

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