Eastbourne has always been a popular choice for buyers looking to move away from larger cities in the South East of the UK. The lure of the sea has drawn many movers. Eastbourne has a reputation for its large population of residents over 60 yet in more recent years, the town has become much more inviting to young families and professionals. Eastbourne had strong transport links with London while also maintaining its seasort resort charm with its many attractions and beautiful coastline.

Investors looking for opportunities in the property market will of course know what to look for. Before investing a vast sum into a new venture, you have to be certain of the potential profits in the future. Many factors decide whether or not an area is a lucrative opportunity and it’s not just what the figures say on property market trends. Jobs, the local economy, the population growth, transport links, education and regeneration projects all contribute towards presenting a case for investment. When it comes to Eastbourne, what in particular makes the town a good investment case? What type of property investment has the most promise and why? This blog looks into what makes Eastbourne attractive to investors.

What is the property market like in Eastbourne?

There’s no hiding from the fact that when you compare property prices in Eastbourne to the UK average, it’s up in the higher band of housing prices. Yet when you compare against other towns in East Sussex, Eastbourne is one of the cheaper places to buy property. Housing in Brighton, for example, is around 35% more expensive. According to Rightmove, the average house price in Brighton was £515,871 last year whereas it was £330,111 in Eastbourne.

In Eastbourne, we are seeing the same trends as the rest of the UK. House prices are on the rise if what we’ve seen over the past five years are any indication. There is every indication that there are capital gains to be had. According to property.xyz, prices have risen in some parts of the town by over 21.5% over the last five years. For investors looking to find an affordable property to renovate and sell on for a profit, these figures are promising.

Is Eastbourne a good investment for buy-to-let?

Aspiring landlords seek to make the most gain when it comes to investing in property in Eastbourne. Rental demand is on the rise. In terms of rental yields, however, Eastbourne sits a little below the UK average. Some parts of Eastbourne offer greater returns of investment. At Town Property, we research our listings thoroughly to assess each property’s potential on the rental market. If you wish to buy-to-let, we can give you a much more accurate yield for the area that interests you.

Long-term rentals

Long-term tenants have the opportunity to live in a sea-side town with London within commuter distance. Benefiting from a London salary without the London cost of living is a major attraction for new movers looking to live in a commuter town. Landlords can benefit from commuters looking for long-term rentals, getting much more for their money in the town than they would in London. Young families especially benefit the most with Eastbourne’s great selection of schools and plenty of activities along the beach.

Short-term rentals

Holiday rentals have great appeal in Eastbourne for landlords seeking to turn their investments into a form of steady income. Eastbourne continues to be a top tourism spot in East Sussex with at least five million visitors per year flocking to the beaches. Holiday lettings in the area see high demand on airbnb.com and booking.com. Buying a property to turn into a holiday rental is well worth the investment as Eastbourne continues to thrive.

Which areas are worth investing in?

We’ve picked out the parts of Eastbourne that have the most potential for buy-to-let investors.

Hampden Park

A lovely residential area in the north of Eastbourne, Hampden Park has its own train station and pretty park area with a lake. According to Rightmove, average property prices in Hampden park were £285,479 over the last year.


Situated outside the town, Meads village is a quaint spot between Eastbourne and Beachy Head. With plenty of residential properties, it’s a top location for families to settle down.


With close access to parks and the beach, Roselands is a popular place in high demand. Housing is also surprisingly affordable with the average house price last year, according to Rightmove, being £273,920.

St Anthony’s Hill

With plenty of residential properties lined up in the area, there are ample opportunities to be had when property here goes on the market. Situated between the town centre and the beach, it has great appeal for holiday makers looking for a B & B.


A suburb in the north-east, Langley has direct connections to the A27 and A22. With its own amenities and more contemporary feel, Langley is a good location for younger renters and commuters.

Old Town

A popular residential location in the heart of things, there is high demand for rentals in the town centre. Perfect for holiday rentals, the Old Town has all the Victorian charm of the town where its history began as a seaside resort.

Sovereign Harbour

One of the more affluent areas in Eastbourne, Sovereign Harbour is a top place for holiday rentals. Right by the sea, there are wonderful views and sea activities just around the corner to enjoy.

Looking to find out more about investment opportunities?

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