With its history as a Victorian seaside resort, Eastbourne has always been one of the top spots for tourists to visit during the summer. With its vibrant seafront attractions, stunning architecture in the old town and natural landmarks, it continues to draw in around 4.9 million tourists every year. Yet while it has plenty to offer for those who arrive for a day trip at the beach, what does Eastbourne offer those wishing to call the seaside town home? When making the decision to make the big move to a new town, one of the first things we look into is the affordability of the local way of life. This blog looks into how affordable Eastbourne is as a home town and whether or not it’s a top location to move with the family.

Housing prices and rental prices

According to rightmove, property prices went up by 3% last year. This reflects the same trend across all house prices across the UK. Comparing Eastbourne’s property prices against the average price in Brighton, housing is more affordable. The average price for a terraced property in Brighton is £637,882 which is a big difference to the average terraced house cost in Eastbourne which was reported to be £325,588. Eastbourne may be one of the more affordable places to live in East Sussex but it is still higher than the UK average, in part to do with its location.

Using Brighton again to compare against, the average rents for Eastbourne are lower again. According to home.co.uk, the average cost for a one bedroom rental is £965 whereas the average in Brighton is £1443. There is a very high rental demand in the area meaning the rent prices are in constant competition. Rental prices in Eastbourne have gone up by 6.1% according to Varbes.

Cost of living

Eastbourne isn’t one of the most affordable places to call home in the UK. It has been ranked highly as one of the most expensive. With tourism bolstering the town’s infrastructure, prices are competitive along the seafront as businesses make their money from visitors. For the average resident, this does mean that things can be pricey when going out. However, Eastbourne is affordable compared to the cost of living in larger, more populous cities. Rent, utilities, transport, and childcare are all more affordable than London in comparison.

That being said, the average London salary is higher so more of the population has a disposable income to afford the more expensive cost of living. This makes Eastbourne an attractive location for commuters as the cheaper cost of living means further savings down the line.

Based on data collected by numbeo, here is an average breakdown of the different costs for essential expenses for both Eastbourne and London comparatively.


Average monthly net salary

Average cost

Rent (1 bed apartment in town centre)

Utilities: Basic per month (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage)
Monthly £165.50

Childcare (Monthly for 1 child)

Fitness (Month gym pass)

Eating out cost per person

Transport monthly pass

Fuel (petrol per litre)


Monthly net salary

Average cost

Rent (1 bed apartment in city centre)

Utilities: Basic per month (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage)

Childcare (Monthly for 1 child)


Eating out cost per person

Transport monthly pass

Fuel (Petrol per litre)

Public transport

Eastbourne has fantastic transport links so residents can benefit from public transport. Eastbourne Station has a direct line to London Victoria, making it even easier for those looking to commute to the capital. The 90 minute trip is the price to pay, but the travel time can be used wisely to cram in some prep-work and respond to emails.

Public transport is fairly affordable in Eastbourne though travel fares are pretty much on par with other towns in the UK.

Education & Childcare

There are 27 primary schools and 14 secondary schools to choose from in Eastbourne. On average, all schools in the area have maintained ‘good’ scores with Ofsted. For families wishing to make the move to East Sussex, childcare is more affordable on average in Eastbourne for pre-school age than in Brighton.

Leisure and entertainment

Many of Eastbourne’s popular attractions can be enjoyed with no charge. The beachfront with its three mile stretch of shingle beach is a top location for families to visit during the summer months. The Beacon shopping centre houses all the major shopping chains along with a host of independent shops, including budget shops for those who wish to keep their frivolous spending to a minimum.

In terms of arts and culture, Eastbourne is home to its own theatres, the Congress Theatres, Devonshire Park and the Winter Garden Theatre. There is always something on with competitive ticket rates that saves splashing out on a more pricey trip down to the West End.

Is Eastbourne an affordable town to call home?

In summary, Eastbourne is a more affordable choice compared to some of the larger towns and cities close by. However, its location and popularity with tourists does mean that it’s not the most affordable choice to call home in the UK. What Eastbourne has going for it, when compared against London, are cheaper house prices and rents. As a choice for a commuter location, it’s a lovely place to live with stunning scenery, top schools, and plenty to see and do. If you’re willing to spend a little more on a meal out than you usually would, then Eastbourne could be the place for you.

How to find out more about living in Eastbourne

At Town Property, we’ve been renting and selling properties since 1989. We’ve watched the town grow from its reputation as a place for retirees to call home to a bustling town with a growing younger demographic. We are constantly looking at property trends in the area and are well-versed in what’s happening in the local property market.

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