Stamp Duty Information

What is Stamp Duty and how will this effect me?

When purchasing a property, you will have to consider the additional costs involved. On top of the value of the property, you will also need to pay stamp duty if the property is over a certain amount.

Stamp Duty is a tax that has to be paid when purchasing a residential property or piece of land over a certain amount in England and Northern Ireland. Since 23rd September 2022, stamp duty applies to properties that value over £250,000 and will remain in effect until 31st March 2025.

There are different bands of stamp duty rates. How much tax you will have to pay depends on which band the property value falls within. However, there are different rates for different property types and purchases. There are the different rates that you will have to pay when buying a property.

To find out more visit the Government website at here.

Calculate Your Stamp Duty

With our handy calculator you can calculate the Stamp Duty on your residential property purchase in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. On 23rd September 2022 the zero rate stamp duty threshold was increased from £125,000 to £250,000.