Famous for being a seaside resort, Eastbourne boasts a shoreline of beautiful shingle beaches. At the seafront in the heart of the town, Eastbourne’s pier often features on postcards. The traditional British seaside attractions bring in over four million visitors per year, injecting a huge boost to the town’s economy. Eastbourne has more than 3 miles of beach, lovingly protected against the tide. There are many different activities to enjoy along the seafront, whether you’re after an adrenaline-filled adventure or a relaxing day in front of the gentle lapping waves.

If you’re looking into potentially moving to Eastbourne, the location is going to be a huge deciding factor. Here are the best beaches in Eastbourne, all within walking distance of the town.

Eastbourne Beach

Also known as Grand Parade Main Resort Beach, the main beach is only a short distance from the town centre. The beach runs from the pier to the Wish Tower. The key attraction is the pier where at the end of a 300m long walkway, there are a variety of shops, fish and chips, a waterfront cafe, tea rooms, a band stand and even a nightclub. During the summer, the beach comes to life with a whole range of activities on offer. Want to try out some watersports? Eastbourne Beach has plenty for you to try from paddleboarding, kayaking, and kitesurfing. There are also powerboat trips to get your heart pumping. If you want to experience Eastbourne from the sea, you can book on a boat trip. East of the pier is Princes Park where you can enjoy the pond and gardens.

Royal Parade Beach

At the east end of Eastbourne’s long seafront, Royal Parade Beach promises a quieter experience than the main beach. Still close to the town centre, it’s easy to get to with plenty of amenities within reach.

Western Parade Beach

At the other end of Eastbourne’s main beach, Western Parade Beach is steeped with maritime history. Under the shadow of the Wish Tower, it’s a perfect spot to get your deckchairs out and enjoy the seaside. Great for family outings, the Western Lawns are close by with the iconic Eastbourne Wheel offering wonderful views of the town.

Pevensey Bay

Just a few miles outside of Eastbourne, you can find Pevensey Bay. The shingle beach is ideal for water sport lovers though there is something for everyone to enjoy. Just four miles outside from Eastbourne, the beach is a good spot for tourists who are looking for a quieter beach to relax and unwind. The history fishing village has some great places to eat with lots of sights to enjoy, such as Pevensey Castle. It’s also a top spot for bird-watches at Pevensey Levels, a spot full of wildlife.

Holywell Beach

Where Eastbourne beach ends, you’ll be within reach of Holywell. The stunning shingle beach is the gateway to the South Downs where you’ll be able to take in the beautiful views of the white chalk cliffs along the shoreline. Holywell is a fantastic choice for families as they were rock pools to explore and plenty of opportunity of adventure along the rocky outcrops and boulders. There are some fantastic options for eating out, including the quaint Holywell Tea Chalet. From Holywell, you can access the footpaths that take you up to the Seven Sisters cliff and Beachy Hell.

Beachy Head

It’s well worth the walk. Beachy Head is the UK’s tallest chalk cliff. While its beach isn’t the best, you can access the narrow strip of beach under the cliff face and take plenty of snaps of the beautiful iconic lighthouse off the shore. If you’ve made the journey on foot, you can visit the pub and reward yourself with a drink while taking in the views.

Birling Gap

The best choice for the budding fossil hunter, Birling Gap is a great choice when the tide goes out. Known as a top spot for surfers and watersport enthusiasts, this beautiful beach has plenty to do. There are many stunning walks over the Seven Sisters cliffs and through the stunning South Downs National Park. At the beach itself, there are many rock pools to dip into at low tide. The drive down to the beach promises many scenic views in just a short five mile trip.

Love visiting Eastbourne for the beaches? Why not move closer?

It’s an aspiration for many to move out of the bustle of the city and choose a quieter slice of life by the seaside. The sea has a lure for many reasons. There are many benefits with moving to a seaside town.

Scenic Views

Having the sea on your doorsteps means that you can enjoy the stunning scenery every single day. You can enjoy spectacular walks along the beach and up through the South Downs, inspiring you to stay active.

Watersport Activities

Coastal living encourages an active lifestyle. Residents often have easy access to a variety of water-based activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking, and sailing. Coastal areas also provide scenic trails for walking, jogging, and cycling.

Iconic British Lifestyle

Coastal towns have a specific character and Eastbourne is no different. You can enjoy the traditional seaside experience with fish n chips on demand. Hire out a beach hut and claim your spot on the seafront.

Connection with Nature

Living by the sea fosters a closer connection to nature. Residents may witness stunning sunsets, observe marine life, and experience the changing moods of the ocean, creating a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Wish you lived nearer to the East Sussex coast?

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